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Whether you're a vegan, a vegetarian, or just looking for ways to eat and live a healthier happier more compassionate life, we hope you find our information helpful, and the recipes from our kitchen, (and many of yours) both inspiring and delicious.

If you're a vegan because you know the health benefits of a plant based diet, great! It helps you and it helps the animals. If you're a vegan because of the love you have for animals, that's fantastic, and commendable too! After all, animals are living beings and have just as much right to their life as we have to ours. If you're a vegan or vegetarian for both of those reasons that's even greater still. Everyone benefits and for all the right reasons!

If you're still toying with the idea of becoming vegan, then please stick around. Watch a few of the posted videos, read through the tips & more section, and try some of our delicious vegan recipes. We promise you're going to look and feel amazing while learning how easy being vegan really is!

Finding your way around Vegan Nook, including how you can submit your own delicious vegan recipes is easy! If you're looking for specific information or a particular recipe just use the search feature.

Check out Tips and More for information on a variety of topics ranging from vegan bath and body products to weight loss.

Learn about vegan nutrition like how and where to find important nutrients including the all-important vitamin B-12.

Our list of recipes continues to grow with over 300 delicious main dishes, delectable desserts, and irresistible appetizers. So jump in, take a look around, and make yourself at home!

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