Hello Friends!

We are more than halfway through Veganuary, and if you're participating, we hope you're finding it a little easier now than when you first began.

Baby steps!

We can tell you that eating a plant-based diet today is about a gazillion times easier than it was ten or so years ago when we started our vegan journey. And that's great news for all of us!

You can now find many plant-based options on store shelves to replace the animal-based products you once purchased. And you can order online almost anything you're unable to find at your local grocer. You also have the option to dine out at virtually any restaurant, where vegan options are becoming the norm.

So, hang in there! Keep going. You've got this!

Check out our recipes in the recipe tab above, along with books on going plant-based and staying that way. Plus, products to help you meet all of your health goals in 2022.

Take time to eat well. Stay hydrated. Love yourself. And be kind to one another.

We're always adding new recipes and, as always, offer a section that covers the latest in nutrition information, as well as a list of items to help you create the perfect pantry and make the most of your time in the kitchen.

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