Del Taco Partners With Beyond Meat

Hard Shell Taco

April 7, 2019

Del Taco has announced a partnership with Beyond Meat, a company that has gained a lot of popularity for its plant-based meats that include a product called the Beyond Meat Crumble.

Del Taco added Beyond Meat Crumbles to its menu at one location in California and plans to make it available at 594 of its locations across the country by the end of April 2019.

That's great news for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Customers will soon be able to order The Beyond Taco and the Avocado Beyond Taco, at many of its locations with options to order the Beyond Meat product as a substitute for other items on the menu as well.

You can learn more about Del Taco including when The Beyond Taco will be available in your area!